About Us

Taking the issue of Hunger to the Capitol, Sacramento, CA

We are a coalition of Contra Costa County residents representing some 50 faith communities across the county. Members work together to address the root causes of poverty through advocacy and public policy change. The values we hold in common and the experiences of people in our congregations providing food, shelter and other services make us strong voices for those in need.

Raising awareness around issues of poverty in Contra Costa is central to the work of the Multi-faith ACTION Coalition. On its own, and in conjunction with other groups, the Multi-faith ACTION Coalition sponsors opportunities for faith communities and the larger community to learn about specific issues. Through such events 500 advocates have been added to the ACTION emaillist.

Six task forces: Racial Justice, Housing and Shelter, Food Security, Jobs, Education, and Health Care study and discuss issues as they impact individuals and families in poverty. There is also a Racial Justice working group that involves all task forces. The chairs of these groups, along with faith leaders and other key individuals, make up the Steering Committee. Task Forces bring information and recommendations for action to the Steering Committee.

CONTACT US AT contactmfac@gmail.com