Current Issues


To support Food Security for families, we support:

AB 942 Restaurant Meals Program  The Access to Safe Food Choices and Food Security Act of 2019 would require the department, to the extent permitted by federal law and in consultation with various stakeholders, to establish a statewide RMP. The bill would require the department to implement these provisions on or before September 1, 2020, and make other conforming changes. UPDATE: It passed with support from our local legislators!   Thank you for your advocacy!

To address the housing crisis and protect tenants from abuse,
we support:

AB 1482 (Bonta/Grayson) Tenant Protection Act   Limits allowable annual rent increases to a maximum of 10% or 7% plus CPI and requires a written reason for eviction.  UPDATE: It passed with support from our local legislators!   Thank you for your advocacy!
AB 1482 Leaflet 9.4.19

To provide health care for all, we support:

SB 29 (Durazo) Health4ALL  Extends eligibility for full-scope Medi-Cal benefits to undocumented senior adults who are otherwise eligible for those benefits but for their immigration status.

AB 174  (Wood) Affordability Assistance  This bill would require the American Health Benefit Exchange Board, contingent on an appropriation in the 2019–20 Budget Act, to administer enhanced premium assistance to individuals with household incomes below 400% of the federal poverty level, reduce premiums to zero for individuals with household incomes at or below 138% of the federal poverty level.

AB 414 (Bonta)  Individual Mandate  This bill would require a California resident to ensure that the resident and the resident’s dependents are covered under minimum essential coverage for each month beginning after 2019. The bill would impose a penalty for the failure to maintain minimum essential coverage.

To bring justice to individuals, we support:

SB 136 (Weiner) Repealing a 1-year Sentence Enhancement  This bill repeals a mandatory one-year sentence enhancement that is added to an individual’s base sentence for each prior prison or felony jail term served.