Door closing on public charge comments

December is a time of family gatherings and spiritual connections.
Peace to you and your family!
December 10th is also the last day to submit your comments to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regarding the proposal that would change the “public charge” rules for U.S. immigrants. Time is running out for you to add your faith voice to the demands that these rules not be implemented. Click here take action today!

The federal government has proposed a rule change to broaden the list of benefits considered as negative factors in a public charge assessment to include consideration of Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Section 8 Housing Vouchers, public housing and Medicare Part D financial assistance. Additionally, the rule would add a complex set of factors to the existing public charge test, which would determine whether an individual is likely to become a public charge that includes income level, education level, and English proficiency, along with the receipt of public benefits.

The proposed change would make — and has already made – immigrant families afraid to seek programs that support their basic needs. Because
1 in 4 American children have at least one immigrant parent, this could impact millions.

Reasons to oppose regulations changing public charge:
Harms immigrants residing in our community unjustly
Discourages residents from receiving basic needs
Increases uninsured residents and exposure to ill people
Exposes U.S. citizen children to unduly to greater health risks, hunger and housing insecurity.
By clicking this LINK, you will open the Regulations website. Then click on the Comment Now button in the upper right corner. Please write in your own words why you oppose the regulation change. Here are a couple of examples:

The proposed regulation would make — and has already made — immigrant families afraid to seek programs that support their basic needs. Preventing immigrants from access to health care, nutritious food and secure housing doesn’t make our communities stronger. It would be immoral to implement this change.


Children should not have to suffer in our country. This rule change will negatively impact children who are citizens of the USA.
4.8 million children in need of medical attention live with at least one non-citizen adult and are insured by Medicaid/CHIP.
An estimated 700,000- 1.7 million of those kids may be dis-enrolled from health coverage.
Too big a risk! Stop this change now.
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