“What more can we do to lift people out of poverty?” That was the question faith leaders asked in the winter of 2014 when the Multi-faith ACTION Coalition was formed.  Over 200 people came together from different congregations that were feeding the hungry, providing shelter to the homeless and offering tutoring for the underserved, and wanted to advocate for change. 

The Multi-faith ACTION Coalition represents Advocates & Communities Taking Initiative for Our Neighbors.  Fifty congregations in Contra Costa County have participated in activities of the Coalition and added over 500 advocates to the ACTION email list.

The Multi-faith ACTION Coalition has five task forces: Housing/Shelter, Food Security, Jobs, Education and Health, and a Racial Justice working group that involves all Task Forces. The chairs of these task forces, in addition to clergy and other key individuals make up the Steering Committee.

 After studying and discussing an issue, the Task Forces recommend ACTION to the Steering Committee.  Action includes taking a position for or against legislation, testifying before a local elected body or a committee of the California Legislature, meeting with elected officials or asking advocates on the email distribution list to call or write a policy maker. All advocacy is to address the root causes of poverty though policy change.